About Us

Established in 1983, over the last 30 years, Jubilee Stores has emerged a trendsetter across an array of sectors, namely: watches, jewelry, textiles, electronics, renewable energy, FMCG, health care and batteries.

Jubilee Stores is an exclusive distributor of a wide array of globally acclaimed brands across the aforementioned industries such as the LAICA health care products, ICP solar chargers (Canadian), VARTA batteries (German), and is a key distributor of Omax (HK), Q&Q (Japanese) among other products. Jubilee Stores is also the sole supplier of internationally known watch brands such as SPECTRUM (Swiss), PHOENIX (Swiss), LAMEX (HK) and CITRON (HK). It is also a key trader of Casio watches.
In 2003, Jubilee Stores setup a subsidiary, Apex Power Concepts, to tap into the growing renewable energy market. Apex Power Concepts specializes in standalone solar home systems, grid-connected systems and remote solar industrial application (catholic protection, street lighting, street flashers, VSAT systems, vaccine refrigeration systems etc.).